How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

— William Shakespeare


Domain names are important, but they can also be super confusing. Especially when you’re just starting out and don’t know where to begin.
That’s why we wrote this article! To help you understand everything there is to know about domain names and how to choose the perfect one for your business. We’ll even give you a few tips on what to do if the domain name of your dreams is already taken.


Does my domain name really matter?


People don’t care what you say your name is. They only care about what you will do for them. That’s the only thing that matters. They will remember your name only after hanging out with you a few times. Don’t get hung up on your domain name. It is not the name of your business and you are free to choose any name that is available. Your domain name is the first thing.


A domain name is just the name you will use to register your website. It’s the www.address. com that you place in your web browser some people can find your website.


Think about what your business does and what your primary purpose is. Then jot down about 5 different domain names for your business and put them in the order of your preference.


The reason for this is in case the name at the top of your list is taken you can get one of the others. I say make a list because once you find an available domain name you must purchase it immediately or you may lose the chance of doing so.


Scammers are flipping domain names like they are houses and when they see enough people checking on a particular domain, they will purchase it and put the name for sale at ridiculous prices. So don’t start searching until you have a list and are ready to make a purchase.


Domain names go for anywhere between $14. – $25. Depending on what top level domain extension you are using, i.e.;,, If you do not need a specialty extension like .info, .tv, .nyc, .plumper. Then you should be able to find it for under $30.00.


I say under $30. because you need to add privacy to your domain purchase. Domain privacy is usually around $9.99 a year. In this way you will avoid the flood of telemarketers trying to sell you a website design, SEO or some other services.


There is a lot of boring stuff I can teach you about domain names and networking, however the only thing you need to know about domain names is number one is you need to get one and two you need to add the privacy to it.


This course is also a great learning tool if you only need enough information to make smart choices that will save you money when using a web designer or digital agency.

In that case continue reading.


I will cover buying your domain and web hosting together. That is because most companies include a free domain for 1 year when you purchase there hosting package. Stick with a popular service like Blue Host or GoDaddy, although I don’t care for GoDaddy I always use Web Sales Academy or Name-Hero


They are inexpensive and they give great value with many free add-on like Cloud-Flare, backups and a whole lot more. Besides that they always seem to running some sort of promotion. So take my suggestion and use Web Sales Academy and purchase their Starter Plan. At the time of this writing you can purchase it for $110. For 1 year of 2 years at around $191.00.


When you use my affiliate link, I will provide you with some additional free options. Such as setting up your Business Facebook page or free instruction to optimize your YouTube channel for SEO. This offer will change over time, but it will always be something you need to get you started quicker. Skip all the extras and upgrades that they your web hosting company offers, you don’t need them. Lastly when you purchase your domain name make sure to include domain privacy.


You will thank me for this later. You don’t want to get the flood of telemarking calls trying to sell you services you don’t need.


Also keep in mind the are some ready made pre-built platforms with all the elements you will need already included.

Platforms like Wix, Click Funnels, Kartra, and Groove Pages just to name a few. Let’s take some time to discuss these ready-made platforms here.


First of all never use Wix. I repeat Never ever use Wix. Most Wix sites are flat websites. Which means a lot of the content management you will need you have to pay a lot more to use. All the integrations, such as content marketing may not be easily available.


Click Funnels, Kartra, Shopify and Groove Pages are ready made platforms that work very well. However they can become quite costly. If I had to pick one. I would go with Groove Pages. It’s free to get started with 3 websites. However if you want all the added features it costs around $99. per month. When you do a deep dive into everthing you will get. You will soon realize why Groove Pages is the cheapest and best solution over time.


So do yourself a favor and check out Groove Pages, because it is the best platform with everything you will need already built in. To scale your business to whatever size you want. I will doing a tutorial series on Groove Pages my YouTube channel because I believe this is the best platform for 2021 and beyond.


Here is a my affliate link to Get Started With Groove Pages:


So, there you have it. A complete guide to choosing your  domain anme. I hope this article has helped point you in the right direction. Of course there is more to know. That’s why I created Website Riches to help you save thousands of dollars by building a lead generating website for less than $100.


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