How To Write To Sell – 5 Key Tips

How To Write To Sell – 5 Key Tips

How To Write To Sell – 5 Key Tips

“There is no greater glory than sharing the story inside you.”

— Maya Angelou

In this article, I will cover 5 key tips on how to write to sell.

No product is ever bought or sold without words. The secret ingredient to making this all work is the sales copy you write on your website, landing page, email campaigns, social media posts, and everything you promote.

Copywriting is beyond the scope of this article, but I will give you some of the basics to get you started and some resources that will help you along the way.

Keep in mind that anytime you ask someone to do an action, such as purchasing a product, signing up for emails, or making a donation, you are engaged in copywriting. For example, if you write an advertisement it would be termed sales copy or sales copywriting; if the writing appears on a website it becomes web copy or web copywriting; and if via email then it is simply email copy.

You will see me use the term web copy often. That’s because my area of expertise is writing website copy chunks. But rest assured the same principles apply to both newspaper or television ads, emails, or direct mail campaigns. I even use them when I talk to prospective customers.


A rose by any other name is still a rose.


If you plan on being successful in business then you must get this one thing right. I was told by my millionaire mentor that you could make millions for yourself and others if you are willing to become an expert at copywriting. But not everyone has the time to learn a new lifelong skill because you are busy creating products and running your day to day activities of your business.


So here are some key tips to get you started:


• Write a 500-word article on the product or service you intend to sell or promote.

• Create 10 written scenarios of how 10 different people might use and benefit from the product.

• Include a tagline (expressing  the core value your product in 10 words or less).

• Write down 10 things a person can get or do on your website.

• Offer a guarantee with your product or service (ex. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee).


When writing any piece of website copy, focus mainly on your headlines. 80% of your marketing dollars go into your headline. Below is a link to give you some ideas from Jay Abrams one of the top copywriters in the country.

100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written

The key to writing great website copy is using the neuro-persuasion patterns used in hypnosis. I know that sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. There are plenty of good books on the subject . The one I refer to often is called Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale. Go out and buy it now. You can go a long way by getting Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 just for the swipe file that comes with it and when you buy the course, the book is included in a pdf.


Focus on one section of your website at a time. The most important copywriting phrase I’ve learned is to only communicate one idea. They call this the Big Idea. Every successful ad, sales letter, or even marketing campaign has a unique and compelling idea that captures people’s attention, makes them want to find out more, and allows them to embrace the product.


We call this a USP… (Unique Selling Proposition)…It’s important to remember that phrase.


It’s just a summary of what makes your product unique and valuable to your target audience. It answers the question: How do your product or services benefit your clients better than anyone else?


Side Note: It’s better to be different from your competition than to be better than your competition. Describe what makes your product new, cutting edge, and different from your competitors. I will provide a list of books that I know you will find to be a valuable resource in writing sales copy.


What I am about to tell you is by far the most important takeaway from this book.


Every top online marketer knows the power of persuasion is in your words. Writing sales copy is the most important money-generating activity you can do. You must get good at it. I heard that Jay Abrams charges $25,000 for one page of his copy. That is because his clients know that his copy creates millions of dollars in sales revenue. I personally know some good copywriters that charge upwards of $1000. per page.


This can be your biggest expense so to save some money you are going to have to learn to do some of it yourself. In the resource section, I will give you a list of books that will get you started making money immediately. I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning this myself. This is why I suggest you join my free Facebook Group so I can give you regular feedback on all your online copywriting.


I am by no means a Jay Abrams, Jon Benson, or Rich Schefren, These are A-List Copywriters. This means they have written sales copy that has generated over a million dollars in sales in a single campaign. That’s one of the reasons I am working hard every day to get there and so can you.


In the meantime, you can subscribe to Jon Benson’s youtube channel to get some of his secrets. He also has a platform called CopyPro. This is my go-to platform when I need a sales copy for me or any of my clients. It makes writing copy easy. However, I must warn you it cost over $1000. So, after spending thousands of dollars on learning marketing techniques, I want to share what I’ve learned with you on my blog at WebSalesAcademy.com


The best way to get on the right track to writing copy is Jim Edwards’s book: Copywriting Secrets. You can get it for free just pay for the shipping. (Link Below.) If there was only one book to follow. This would be it. It breaks down writing copy in simple easy-to-use segments.


You now know all the things you need to get a website up and running. With this information alone you can start building an audience and getting subscribers. Still, we have only scratched the surface. You need someone to walk you through this and be with you every step of the way so you can get started making a minimum of $2K – $10K per month.


That’s why I have created the Web Sales Academy and the Online Sales Platform. This is where you will get the step-by-step instruction you need to start creating income in the next 30 days.


You can start by downloading my Free Guide WEBSITE RICHES. After that my course on building a High-Converting Website will that you on a deep dive into writing web copy that will get your audience’s attention, generate leads, and possibly 10x your sales.


So, that’s it for now. If you’re like me. Writing copy can be one of the most challenging things to learn and apply. That’s why I would suggest getting a mentor. If you don’t get this part right. Not only are you leaving money on the table for your competitors. And the chances of you growing beyond 6 figures are almost 0.


Get started the right with the resources below.


Jon Benson | Sales Copy Secrets (YouTube Channel)


100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written by Jay Abraham (free download)


Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message by Michael Masterson


Dot-Com Secrets by Russell Brunson


Hypnotic Writing – Joe Vitale (A must-have.)


Internet Manifesto – Rich Schren (This used to be a free report. Now, it’s a full-blown course. but it’s still free. You will soon realize that Rich the master when it comes to writing copy. So read it carefully. It contains just about every know way to keep you engaged. This one document is still bringing in millions of dollars into his business.)


If you need some individual help schedule a Free 20 Strategy Session. That way you will exactly what to do next to grow your online business.


Schedule your call today!

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