Best Email Marketing If You Are Just Getting Started:

Capturing someone’s email address is the best way generate new leads for your business and build a list of subscribers you can target at a later date.

Here is what brief description of how the process should work.
1. A person lands on your website, YouTube channel, Social Media page or other.
2. They enter their email address to subscribe and receive some free offer (like and eBook or free Report).
3. Next you need to have an email sent to them to verify their email address. We call this the Double-Opt-In process. This will increase the quality and validly of your list.
4. A Thank-You email is sent to the subscriber or they are directed to a thank you page. Here is where you can make a download available or redirecting them to a target location on the internet.

Email campaigns can be set to send regular emails to the subscriber informs them of sales or promotions.
AWeber has been the leading email marketing service provider for many years. Before switching to AWeber I have always advocated for Mailchimp. It was inexpensive and you can get started building your list for free. I didn’t like the Mailchimp ad on all my emails and I wanted my own branding.

I also hard a hard time getting automated campaigns to work. Mailchimp has improved since then and in their defense, they do have great landing pages if you don’t have a website where you can build them yourself. However, Mailchimp will always be my second choice and I do recommend them if you must have something completely free. I decided that my subscriber list is too important for me to pitch pennies. I decided to go with Aweber.

Now that I have been using Aweber why email list and marketing campaigns work without any clinches. With Aweber’s how to videos you able to get started quickly building your subscriber list.
They taught me everything I needed to know about putting together the most effective marketing campaigns I have ever seen. So for $20.00 per month it’s was well worth it to build my list the right way. I no longer have to lose months trying to figure out why my subscribers aren’t being captured using Mailchimp. So if you can afford $20.00 per month.

Spend it wisely and get the best email service available. Aweber.

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